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Ricky Boyles 🎭 Voice Actor

In this interview, Ricky talks a little about his character – the Doctor and how his own background helped him define the role. This is a must-listen for voice craft and how the actor’s insights help define the voice of the character.

Ricky Boyles is the voice of Doctor Marcus Gray.

Ricky Boyles is a talented and versatile voice actor who grew up in New York and moved to Florida where he has lived, Graduated with an Audio Production Bachelors of Science degree from Full Sail University, gotten married and has an amazing child who is about to enter Middle School. He is an International Honor Thespian and has spent most of his adult life using his voice to gain trust and buy in from clients and customers around the world. His exceptional vocal range and ability to breathe life into characters across various mediums has opened up many opportunities for him to grow in the VO industry. Since beginning his VO career in 2020, Ricky has had the privilege of working with companies such as Lego, Marriott, Thousand, iHeartRadio, Chicago Park District, PMX Events, and more.   His love for storytelling, combined with his natural talent for mimicry and vocal expression, set him on a path towards pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Ricky dedicated himself to honing his skills, studying acting, vocal techniques, and mastering the art of bringing characters to life through his voice.  He has trained with Paul Schmidt, Amie Breedlove, Dave Walsh, and is an Associate Member of the World Voices Organization (WoVO).

Doctor Marcus Gray with a nice table of food
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