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About the Concept

The concept for Channel 15 Radio (dot com) comes from the feature story, The Ambassador. There are 15 lead characters. The name seemed perfect for the idea that we were producing an audio show in the style of an old time radio drama.

In the real world, Channel 15 is a CB channel open to everyone and a Maritime channel – receive only for emergency beacons. It’s also a digital channel for TV.

The idea that we might reach a little further and bring a few more people into the conversation is part of the concept, too. In our first year, we managed to get listeners in 27 countries and 155 cities. We’ve just started our second year. We’d welcome a conversation about what we have planned.

From “The Ambassador: Chapter 6 – The Old Guard”

B’ani had been listening carefully. She leaned towards Maru and whispered, “She doesn’t have a plan, does she?”
“I don’t think so, not yet,” Maru whispered shaking her head.
B’ani shook her head. “Oh great. “We’re out in here wherever that is and…,”
Maru grinned and shrugged. “Sit back and enjoy the show?”
B’ani leaned back in her chair and held out her hand. “Where’s the popcorn?”
They both giggled.

Popcorn and a popcorn maker

Listen to the show

Listen to the feature story

Class C EPIRBs

These are manually activated devices intended for pleasure craft which do not venture far offshore and for vessels on the Great Lakes. They transmit a short burst on VHF-FM channel 16 (156.8 MHz) and a longer homing signal on channel 15 (156.75 MHz). Their usefulness depends upon a coast station or another vessel guarding channel 16 and recognizing the brief, recurring tone as an EPIRB. Class C EPIRBs are not recognized outside of the United States. These EPIRBs were no longer recognized after 1999, and are no longer recommended by the Coast Guard.

12       156.600   156.600   Port Operations.  VTS in selected 
 13       156.650   156.650   Intership Navigation Safety 
                              (Bridge-to-bridge).  Ships >20m
                              length maintain a listening watch 
                              on this channel in US waters.
 14       156.700   156.700   Port Operations.  VTS in selected 
 15          --     156.750   Environmental (Receive only).  Used 
                              by Class C EPIRBs.
 16       156.800   156.800   International Distress, Safety and 
                              Calling.  Ships required to carry
                              radio, USCG, and most coast 
                              stations maintain a listening watch 
                              on this channel.
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