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Our current feature is “The Ambassador” a sci-fi, hopepunk, martial arts, adventure series (PG). We are extremely pleased to briefly introduce the actors, composer/sound master, and storyboard artist who bring the characters, their worlds, and their story to life.

We are looking for additional talented people who would like to join us, including an announcer and someone to voice the Ambassador. The current feature has quite a few characters. If you are an actor with classical theatre training and think you might like the challenge of working with your voice only, please contact us.

Terri Morgan

Terri Morgan as
Ambassador Micha Lawrence

The Ambassador Micha Lawrence
Jennifer Bonaparte

Jennifer Bonaparte as
President Aliel Smbarak

President Aliel Smbarak
Ricky Boyles 🎭 Voice Actor

Ricky Boyles as
Doctor Marcus Gray

Doctor Marcus Gray with a nice table of food
Pat Jones

Pat Jones as
Commander Sara Brandon

Commander Sara Brandon on the deck of the Magellan
Mike Hall Film & Game Composer / Sound Designer / Record Producer

Mike Hall
Composer and Sound Engineer

Rick Lundeen storyboard and concept artist

Rick Lundeen
Concept Artist

We are all working professionals. If you have a project for any or all of us, we’d be happy to hear about it.

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