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Mike Hall Film & Game Composer / Sound Designer / Record Producer

In this interview, Mike talks about how he approaches designing a soundscape, some of the challenges in doing that for audio-only, and a bit about the relationships between the voices, the music, and the ambient sounds that make the production come to life. This is a must-listen for any sound engineer or composer on how the soundscape supports the whole experience.

Mike Hall is the voice of the Narrator and the Composer/Sound Designer for the show

Mike created the sound environment for the show. He took the fundamental concepts from the story and turned them into a soundscape that combines imagination with subtle timing. The artistic choices he made in setting up each scene and ensuring that our voices were as clear as possible took what we did from very good to better than I thought possible. Beyond that, his experience, his suggestions, and his knack for quietly asking seriously hard questions that had to be answered kept the whole project moving forward.

Mike Hall has over 25 years experience in sound design, composing, producing, engineering, mixing and mastering music for a vast variety of musical styles. He has worked in many forms of media that include audio cds/vinyl, film, television, and gaming for projects all over the world. “I have a huge passion in what I do involving the creation of music and sound. I shall continue to inspire others worldwide through working with the artistic science of audio to provide the best visions of sound.”

Pro Tools Tracking/Sound Design/Audio Editing/Mixing/ADR/Mastering
Audio Production Library of over 4000+ original tracks
All audio composed and owned by Mike Hall
Sound Cloud
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