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We have several shows that we produce. Our main offering is a monthly variety show with a bonus feature and THE NEWS – a newspaper about the show and the characters and more. Each of the several segments in the variety show highlights a connection with the feature drama and with THE NEWS. Those connections give our listeners a chance to come backstage, to discover more about the characters, and to start a conversation.

Sample Draft of THE NEWS from Channel 15 radio dot com

THE NEWS gives our listeners the insider’s perspective on the show, the characters, and the story.

THE AMBASSADOR remains at the center of our creative efforts. As we produce the variety show, we will also be rehearsing for the radio drama. One of the segments in the variety show is a rehearsal.

THE TIP JAR offers advice and tips to actors, voice artists, writers, production teams, sound artists, and all those involved in creative work.

ARTIST ANTHOLOGY opens an opportunity for new artists to present their work.

INTERVIEWS with those who share our goals, our creatives, and those who have something to share with our audiences.

Feature Drama: The Ambassador

The Ambassador is our feature. It’s an original, scripted drama in the style of an old time radio show based on a series of five books. All are now available on Amazon.

The Ambassador series of five books by Terri Morgan

Artist Anthology

This series is part of our outreach efforts to new and upcoming artists.

The Tip Jar

Tips and techniques for actors, voice actors, writers, directors, engineers, and all those working on creative efforts.


Topical discussions with other creatives, organizations we support, and those who would like to contribute to a positive, hopeful future.

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