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Growing food

Master Tai patted her hand gently. “Micha. We had a very good harvest from those twenty-five plants. Do you remember?”

Micha smiled proudly. “Yes, Master Tai. We had plenty and enough to share with others.”

Master Tai lowered his head then smiled at her. “I’m not sure you understand what you did.”

“I grew some peppers?”

Master Tai looked at her and smiled. “You did more. Much more.” He shook his head. “I would normally not talk about this, but it seems I need to tell you. We didn’t expect so many of those plants to survive and bear fruit. We never expected twenty-five would survive or that we would have such a harvest. The soil where I told you to plant was not good.”

Micha sat forward. “Then why? How?”

“We wanted to know that too. It seems you have a gift for growing things.”

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