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Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings is the main title of three chapters in the story. It’s also how we make progress. Something ends and something else begins. We may see the ending coming or not. We may not see the new beginning until well after it has started.

Last year, one of the big social media sites went from being public to private. This loss of a public square was most definitely felt. It resulted in many new platforms and social media sites, all vying to be the next.

I got an invitation to join t2. It became a place I could go to visit with new friends from around the world. What the team creating t2 wanted was an open public square where people could chat, and converse, and disagree without being disagreeable. Same conversations that we want to create and promote with Channel 15 Radio dot com.

Herbertt2 made a positive impact on quite a few people. Maybe more than the founders know. Thank you Sara, Michael, Dan and Gabor. I hope we met again, soon. Herbert is welcome, too. We all need a little help from time to time.

These two posts are from very different perspectives from different parts of the world and yet, they are almost the same. t2 really did bring people from different cultures together in a way that was quite magical.

Learning from T2/Pebble

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